Court Guidelines when courts are busy

Many of us have experienced frustration and confusion when the Pickleball courts are busy. When all the courts are being used and there are many people waiting, a bit of simple etiquette and understanding can really help.

So please try to follow these guidelines, especially when courts are busy:

  1. Maintain a safe distance at all times
  2. Wear a mask while waiting to play
  3. DO NOT congregate by the Paddle Board
  4. Put your paddle up on the Board in the next empty slot to the right (rotating clockwise when you reach the end on the right)
  5. Do not use a second paddle to reserve a court while you are playing
  6. Players not present at the courts cannot have someone else reserve a court
  7. Players will rotate off courts after 5 minutes of warmup and either one game or 15 minutes of practice
  8. The next group waiting will keep an eye on all courts and proceed to the first court available
  9. Carry out whatever garbage you bring in or at least place in appropriate garbage cans