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VPA Events at the Vancouver Curling Club!

The Park Board is again setting up the Vancouver Curling Club (within the Hillcrest Community Centre) for pickleball from mid-May to mid-August. The VPA has been able to secure a number of time slots for VPA member events on Friday evenings and Saturdays. You can view the events we’ve scheduled so far and register for them here:

Event Calendar

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Our At-A-Glance Schedule is Back!!


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VPA Newsletter


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Learn about the VPA School Outreach Committee and its EVES Project paddle drive

PlayTime Scheduler

We’re encouraging our members to use PlayTime Scheduler, a website you can use to notify others that you are planning to play at a particular venue at a particular time.

A great way to find, arrange and join play sessions around Vancouver


Jericho Beach (near the sailing centre) 8 courts. Great for drop-in play. Nets are available in a storage box (but set up most of the time). NOTE: Pay parking is in effect year-round. Park on nearby streets to avoid having to pay.

Champlain Heights (Across from the community centre at 3350 Maquinna Dr.)

6 courts. Great for drop-in play. Nets available in storage box (but set up most of the time)
Queen Elizabeth Park 7 permanent nets. Great for drop-in play.  NOTE: Pay-parking is in effect. Park on nearby streets to avoid having to pay. This is a very busy location.
John Hendry Park (Trout Lake Park) 1 court, bring your own net
Pandora Park (Nanaimo St. & Pandora St.) 6 courts*,six nets available in a storage box
Cedar Cottage Park (Clark Drive between 10th & 11th) 2 courts*, bring your own net
Brewers Park (Victoria Drive & 25th Ave.) 4 courts*, Four nets available in storage box
*Shared courts (lines painted on existing tennis courts)  

What’s your Pickleball skill level?

Self-assess your skill level by visiting our IPTPA Skill Levels page:

Pandora’s Box has a new friend: “Brewer’s Box”

A storage box with Pickleball nets for anyone to use has been installed at Brewer’s Park.

Read all about it HERE

Pandora’s Box

A storage box containing Pickleball nets for anyone to use has been installed at Pandora Park.

Read all about it HERE

Make your own Pickleball court

You’re not limited to playing where there are permanent lines. You can find a space and “chalk-off” your own court.

Read about how to do that by clicking HERE





Quiet Pickleball Paddles may help us enjoy the game without restrictions

Our beloved game is being restricted by many localities due to noise. You can help stop that from happening by choosing a quiet paddle. Read about the issue by CLICKING HERE





We need your help!

The Vancouver Pickleball Association has ambitious plans to expand the number of playing sites (both indoors and out), acquire new court maintenance equipment, safety supplies, instructional signage, and sound barriers, as well as solicit funds and develop leagues, ladders and tournaments.  If we are going to do this, we need your help. If you are interested in helping our organization by volunteering, please click here to read more…

Court Guidelines when courts are busy

Many of us have experienced frustration and confusion when the Pickleball courts are busy. When all the courts are being used and there are many people waiting, a bit of simple etiquette and understanding can really help. Read more about some common sense guidelines here



Recreational Play Etiquette




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