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Quiet Pickleball Paddles may help us enjoy the game without restrictions

Our beloved game is being restricted by many localities due to noise. You can help stop that from happening by choosing a quiet paddle. Read about the issue by CLICKING HERE

WhatsApp Chat Groups being established

Read about the WhatsApp chat groups being set up to facilitate play by clicking here

Coaches Corner

Each month we will feature a bio and a teaching video from each of our coaches in the Vancouver area.

This month we are featuring Coach Catalin Costea, Level II Certified pickleball Teaching Professional (CPTP)

Catalin Costea
Click here to read this month’s Coaches Corner

Court Guidelines when courts are busy

Many of us have experienced frustration and confusion when the Pickleball courts are busy. When all the courts are being used and there are many people waiting, a bit of simple etiquette and understanding can really help. Read more about some common sense guidelines here

Court guidelines thumbnail
Click on the image above to read the guidelines

Pickleball Classes

During the current pandemic restrictions it might be a good time to hone your Pickleball skills. Read more about Pickleball classes being offered in the Vancouver area here. Youth classes are also being offered.

Pickleball Classes

The Vancouver Pickleball Association is moving to a paid membership starting April 1st

Starting on April 1st we are instituting a $5 annual fee for Vancouver Pickleball Association (“VPA”) membership. Registration for Pickleball BC and Pickleball Canada memberships is mandatory and will be done at the same time, with an additional cost of $12.50 on top of the VPA membership fee.  So the total annual cost will be $17.50 plus a small transaction fee for using the Pickleball Canada National System (“PCNS”) for registration. 

There are some opportunities for “discounts” from the full membership fee.  First, if you register before April 1st, the Pickleball Canada plus Pickleball BC fees are just $7.50.  Second, the VPA membership fee is waived for “Youth” (under 19 years of age) and for “Seniors+” (75 years or older). And, of course, if you already have Pickleball BC and Pickleball Canada memberships you won’t be required to pay for them again. (The system will only charge you the VPA membership fee in that case, and will not charge you again for Pickleball BC or Pickleball Canada fees).

A letter has been sent to all of our members explaining this change. You can read that letter here, and we also have a membership fee explainer here.

Once you’ve read all about it, you can register through the Pickleball Canada National System (PCNS) by clicking on the JOIN link at the top of this page, which will redirect you to the PCNS membership registration page.

Memorial Park South Pickleball Centre

Potential (but still just aspirational) Memorial South Park Pickleball Centre. Click here to read more…


The Vancouver Pickleball Association has ambitious plans to expand the number of playing sites (both indoors and out), acquire new court maintenance equipment, safety supplies, instructional signage, and sound barriers, as well as solicit funds and develop leagues, ladders and tournaments.  If we are going to do this, we need your help. If you are interested in helping our organization by volunteering, please click here to read more…

New safety fencing

New Safety Fencing at QE!

We’re glad to report that new safety fencing has been installed at Queen Elizabeth Park. Read more about it here.


Unfortunately, as of February 5th B.C. health officials have extended the COVID-19 provincial health orders indefinitely.

Please follow the health orders and respect others that do so. There is a very real danger that Pickleball venues could be closed if people don’t follow the provincial health orders. So if you aren’t observing the rules (whether you agree with them or not), you aren’t just risking personal fines, but could ruin the limited play options for everyone.

We’ll let you know when the provincial health orders are lifted.

Thank You!


Current provincial COVID-19 health orders only allow singles play indoors, and only allow singles play outdoors (or doubles play outdoors if the two players on each side of the net are from the same household).

(Read the rules as posted on the Pickleball BC site here …)

Please respect those complying with the rules


Pickleball Canada’s General Tips & Recommendations for Pickleball Players during COVID-19:

Why Pickleball is for you

A few thoughts about this great game…. check it out here

Indomitable players from our Pickleball community playing despite a bit of the white stuff…

Skinny singles?

Are you going through Pickleball withdrawal symptoms during the provincial COVID-19 play restrictions and need some Pickleball?

Try some Skinny Singles!

Items of interest:


Queen Elizabeth Park8 nets installed
Memorial Park West (next to Dunbar Community Centre)4 courts, NO nets
John Hendry Park (Trout Lake Park)1 court, NO net
Pandora Park (Nanaimo St. & Pandora St.)6 courts, NO nets
Cedar Cottage Park (Clark Drive between 10th & 11th)2 courts, NO nets


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What is Pickleball?

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