Coaches Corner – June, 2021

Each month we will feature a bio and a teaching video from each of our coaches in the Vancouver area.

This month we are featuring

Charles Neufeldt
Charles Neufeldt

Charles Neufeldt

Level Two Certified Pickleball Instructor (IPTPA)

Charles Neufeldt has been a fixture on the BC and Vancouver-area Pickleball scene for many years. If you’ve ever had him as a coach or instructor, you’ll surely appreciate his professionalism, athleticism and his dedication to the sport of Pickleball.

Originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Charles moved to BC in 2011. It was in North Vancouver that he was fortunate enough to discover his new passion – Pickleball!

Charles is now a full time Pickleball coach through his “Canadian Pickleball Academy” and player with businesses centered on the sport with which he has fallen in love. Charles is often a sponsor or exhibitor at local tournaments for Pickleball Paddles Canada, one of the VPA sponsors.

Charles, who was an elite badminton player in his youth, has been coaching the past 16 years. In fact, he was appointed as the Head Coach for the 2017 North American Indigenous Games for Badminton Team BC (and was subsequently reappointed for the 2020 Games). Charles has multiple certifications through the National Coaching Certification Program, including coach development.

As such, it was natural for Charles to transition to coaching Pickleball, in which he has obtained a Level 2 Certification with the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association. He now offers group clinics and individual sessions to players of various levels throughout the Lower Mainland as well in other provinces . As a coach and player, Charles is progressive and dynamic and he understands that the game is evolving constantly in terms of strategies and techniques.

Charles has many exciting things lined up for 2021. His goal includes competing more in the Pro division and is looking forward to playing in the US OPEN in Naples. In addition, Charles and his mixed partner, Karina Michaud, will be traveling across the World offering clinics to others who share their love for this fast-growing game with a crazy name.

To book a clinic and to find out about how you can play Pickleball in paradise check out

When asked what he likes the most about Pickleball, Charles says, “Pickleball is more than just a sport, it’s a community, it’s about the people you meet. I also love traveling and I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to be able to travel and play Pickleball.”

Here is a five minute training video “hot off the press” from Charles with tips for how to improve your “block shot”:


I chose Charles as an instructor because of his coaching experience, his Level 2 Certification and his background as an elite athlete.

Charles has an analytical mind and can identify skill areas needing development with an efficiency & ease that promotes learning. Charles possesses the capacity to adjust his style of coaching to suit individuals’ learning styles, and I think that’s a sign of an elite coach. Perhaps most importantly, Charles practices what he preaches: “Drill, drill, drill.”

Juls, Vancouver, BC

We (my partner Bea and I) just finished a Pickleball class with Charles. We loved it!

He is an amazing teacher with a wonderful easy going, fun personality!

Detlef K, Langley, BC

I’ve taken both group lessons and individual instruction from Charles. Both were well worth it.

I’m still quite a beginner at Pickleball, and a professional career is probably not in my future. But nevertheless Charles’s patience was much appreciated and he always showed me things to improve my game at least a notch at every lesson.

Bill, Vancouver BC

Charles and Karina are the best!

Each are able to see the next simple change to improve your technique. With their depth of expertise, they give step by step progressions are always enlightening. If you want more Enjoyment, Satisfaction and the Feel of owning the court, here is the answer: book in with Charles Or Karina!

Carol, Vancouver, BC

Quiet-ish paddles please

Unfortunately, the most significant threat to our unfettered enjoyment of Pickleball is the noise of the game.

Seriously. Some localities have closed pickleball courts due to noise complaints from neighbours. And some have even mandated the use of foam balls which, although quieter, have significantly different characteristics than pickleballs — and really turn it into a completely different and less appealing game (which we should probably call “nerf ball”).

Nevertheless, a small minority of people who live near Pickleball courts are complaining about the noise from Pickleball and parks departments are listening. The problem is attributed to the sound of the balls against the paddles.

Nobody wants our game banned, curtailed or converted into “nerf ball” (which amounts to the same thing). So perhaps we can all help by avoiding noisy paddles. “Noisy paddles” you say? Yes. I encourage you to read the following list of “Green Zone” paddles from the Sun City Grand Community Association in Arizona, then consider using only a “Green Zone” paddle as described therein:

You can surely understand that some paddles are quieter than others. So please consider using a quiet-ish paddle if you can. You may want to search for more contemporary articles & lists that might direct you to a more quiet paddle (just try a web search for “quiet pickleball paddles”). Which just might help us all enjoy the game without restrictions.