Skinny Singles: an antidote to “lockdown withdrawal”

Doubles Pickleball is the most popular form of the game. Unfortunately, we can’t always find four players for a game of doubles. And during this pandemic period, many jurisdictions (like British Columbia) primarily only allow singles play.

If you are an avid Pickleballer and love your doubles game, the idea of playing singles might not be appealing. Maybe you’ve tried it as a full-court singles game (like singles tennis). Full-court singles Pickelball is an entirely different game from doubles Pickleball. And it is exhausting.

Skinny Singles is the answer …

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Centre Line

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Half Court Play

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Only One Server Per Side

The last thing to remember about “Skinny Singles” is that there is only one server per side. So there is no concept of a first or second server as there is in doubles Pickleball.


That’s about all there is to “Skinny Singles”. It is a bit more challenging than doubles play because you have to land the ball in just a half of your opponent’s court. That’s actually a good characteristic of the game — because it will improve the accuracy of your shots. And finally, it should be noted that “Skinny Singles” is somewhat more tiring than doubles. That is because you don’t have a partner to field half the shots hit into your court. It’s all up to you.