Pandora’s Box

A storage box has been installed at Pandora Park right beside the Pickleball/Tennis courts. It contains Pickleball nets available to anyone to use — so people can finally use Pandora park without having to bring their own net.

There is a key for the storage box in a key-lockbox attached to the side of the storage box. Instructions are are printed on the storage box to tell you how to access it.

Essentially, you just need to send send a special word followed by the starting score in Pickleball to a phone number provided. By doing so, you will be sent a response text with the combination for the key lockbox. (The combination will be changed periodically).

If you do open the box, please realize that you are taking responsibility for the equipment in the box – and for locking the box correctly when you are done.

We are so happy that there is now an inclusive way for anyone wishing to do so to play Pickleball at Pandora Park. If you haven’t been there, do check it out. It is a shared Pickleball/tennis facility. There are lines for six Pickleball courts painted on the surface, and the city has even accommodated the tennis players by painting lines for two tennis courts and installing permanent tennis nets.

We would also like to put some paddles into the new storage box – so if you have a paddle to donate, please email “” to let us know.

Pandora Park is just north of Hastings Street near Nanaimo & Hastings. It’s a really nice place to play