Communications from Pickleball BC

Feb 21, 2021 – this email is being sent to over 6,500 Pickleball BC members. For those sharing an email account – there will NOT be a second copy.

This is an information update that I did not think should wait for our next newsletter – things you may have heard about, wondered about, etc.

First Tennis BC – some of you are tennis players as well, some are not but I think we all know of circumstances where tennis and pickleball have run full speed into each other!

Pickleball BC and Tennis BC met this past week and plan to continue to do meet until we can establish a framework for cooperation starting at the Provincial level but also and more important extending to players as they the encounter each other on adjacent courts or other activities. Our first meeting was both very cordial and supportive of each other’s desire to cooperate and improve relationships. We have targeted mid March as having a signed Memorandum of Understanding between Tennis BC and Pickleball BC. Additional cooperative polices, documents and statements will follow shortly thereafter.

As one who was close to witnessing or maybe even participating in a related street brawl, I see this as a very encouraging step and am really looking forward to more harmonious times on and off the courts.

If you have questions or comments – please email me.

Second PCNS – Pickleball Canada National System – the promised software package that will help us at all levels manage our pickleball lives much easier and consistently. The system is set to roll out March 8th. Pickleball BC has been preparing for nearly 3 months already – reviewing the intricacies of the system, involving Club leaders, preparing instruction and guidance documentation.

There will be a short ‘transition period’ as the system and data is prepped for our 6,500 members and the other 14,000 across Canada. Hang in there – our Registrar Rod Williams has a number of people here in BC working, poking, stretching the system to make this changeover as easy and error free as we can.

What is expected of you and what can you do to prepare? Not much at this exact moment – wait for your Club registrar to let you in – this I expect to be on or about march 15th. At the individuals level the process and requirements are less difficult than processing an online grocery order from your favourite supermarket. For most of us even easier as we will already have an established account – we are already PCO/PBC members.

If you have questions about PCNS – email ME – Rod is swamped dealing with the 50 clubs undergoing the change.

Thank you for the continued support and feedback!


Walter Knecht
Pickleball BC