Coaches Corner – March 2022

Each month we will feature a bio and a teaching video from each of our coaches in the Vancouver area.

This month we are featuring . . .

Ruth Johnson
Ruth’s video “Cross Fit Training Complementing Pickleball”

Ruth Johnson

“Pickleball,” a funny word that I heard from friends and fitness clients several years ago. 

Being the curious person I am, I had to find out what Pickelball was all about, so I signed up for a beginner’s class at a local community centre in January 2020. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit in March 2020 reducing the options to play, but the few lessons I had were enough to get me interested and craving more.  

As soon as Covid restrictions lightened up, my lessons continued outdoors, and our small group of Pickleball keeners met as much as possible at a quiet tennis court pitching our nets and chalking in temporary lines. Yep…I was hooked! 

I’ve been athletic all my life, but Pickleball was my first racket sport. It gave me a sense of normality during the pandemic. It was fun, social and a great way to meet new friends who were also excited about the game. With some encouragement, I braved my first tournament in fall 2021 and my partner and I won a silver medal in mixed doubles! 

With almost 2 years of pickleball in my back pocket, loads of coaching and skills sessions and plenty of new-found success, I decided my next step was to become a pickleball instructor and teach others about the famed, “addictive game of pickleball.” 

My road to teaching already had some deep roots, starting with my past involvement in numerous sports over the last two decades. I am a fully certified Personal Trainer, Spin Instructor and a high-level road cyclist, mountain-biker, runner, skier, snowshoer and hiker.  Now, I wanted to take on teaching and coaching pickleball.  

Getting certified and learning the right tools was the next step, so in fall 2021, I successfully earned my NCCP Level 1 Instructor Certification. 

I am currently teaching groups at community centres, one-on-one sessions and small beginner groups throughout the Vancouver lower mainland.  

When not teaching you can find me playing at different outdoor and indoor courts or participating in some of my favourite sports. This summer, when I visit my family and friends, I will certainly bring Pickleball to my hometown in Switzerland! 

Thank you to all the coaches that have helped and encouraged me along the way and continue to do so. I’m so excited about the growth of Pickleball in Canada and all the enthusiasm beginners are bringing to the game. 

For any questions or lessons, you can contact me at: 


“Ruth is an amazing teacher. Her students improve while having fun and laughing – what more could you want, especially during a pandemic?”  – Helen Heacock 

“As someone who dappled in Pickleball, taking even just one lesson so far from Ruth has enlightened me more in proper techniques and sheer enjoyment of the game. I look forward to more instructions and fun with Ruth.”  – Suzie Ketchell 

“I had a fun time learning what Pickleball is all about. Ruth is an excellent instructor who passionate about the game and she shares her enthusiasm with the group. I was able to pick up the rudiments of the game in a very short period as Ruth was well organized and good at keeping us on track.”  – Lauren Cornish 

“Ruth knows her stuff. She makes learning so fun and that hour goes by so fast!”  – Donna Dainius 

“Ruth is a methodical teacher. Thorough and patient and makes learning really fun!”  – Patricia Brady 

“Can’t recommend Ruth enough…great instructor and lots of fun too!”  – Leslie-Anne Rogers 

“Ruth is a thorough instructor easily taking someone who has never played Pickleball to being able to play a game.”  – Tracey McGrogan 

“Ruth somehow motivates us, improves our skill levels, and still makes it fun. Not a contradiction at all!”  – Nazreen Suhner 

“Ruth is skilled, patient, kind, and fun!”  – Fiona Gamiet