Coaches Corner – June 2022

Each month we will feature a bio and a teaching info from each of our coaches in the Vancouver area.

This month we are featuring . . .

TIPS – Third shot- what??!? Hold on- how about the first & second?!

Walt Woo

I first stumbled onto pickleball going for a walk in Vernon in 2018. Unknowing that this sport existed, I saw a row of courts altogether and thinking, isn’t this cute- mini tennis! Being into many sports as a youth, I really had no idea. Later that year, I was at Trout Lake with my son Lucas and we discovered the same type of court, however this time we asked the front desk. The nice clerk said it was pickleball and offered us the equipment to set up and try- wooden waffle paddles- and this became our initiation into this game.

Fast forward, through the pandemic, I was looking for an activity to partake- something to keep active, something social, something to do with the kids- and this game checked off all the boxes. It is only in the last year that I have taken an elevated interest in the game- taking lessons and practicing on a regular basis.

Currently, I oversee the program at Hastings Community Centre for introductory and intermediate players. I also have a few spots available in a weekly private clinic for the player that is eager to scale up. For more information, please contact me at

A little bit about me- I am NCCP Level 1 Certified for pickleball. I am fortunate to have a life partner, Velisia, who enjoys this game with me. Until pickleball came along, I used to enjoy other sports such as badminton, hockey and golf. Now, who has time for anything else? If you don’t see me on the courts, I am busy chasing my 9 year old daughter and soon to be 12 year old son around town to their various programs or at work where I run a full service financial planning company.


As a couple, we both highly commend and recommend Walt for his coaching style and personal character – he always provides planned lessons delivered with patience and care. During his structured group lessons, Walt will provide individually focused coaching and often follows up lessons with personalized messages for areas of improvement and encouragement – such a nice touch.  Working with him has greatly improved our pickleball play in both technical fundamentals and game strategy. Walt obviously has a deep love for the game and for coaching others to share in the fun that is pickleball!

Tara and Graeme Doyle

Walt is a very welcoming and patient teacher.  His coaching environment is inclusive and supportive no matter what your skill level.  He has a good read on all his student’s skill levels and provides constructive feedback accordingly on how to improve your game.  I was able to pick up the rudiments of the game in a very short timeframe as his lessons had great emphasis on understanding the basic skills/techniques.  He recognized I had a “knack” for the sport and encouraged me to further develop my skills.  Thanks to Walt’s enthusiasm and coaching tips I have developed sheer enjoyment for this game having never played pickleball before.

Delphine Yee

My pickleball game has clearly improved since I started training with Walt Woo with some friends a few months ago. Even with four of us on the court, Walt provides personalized feedback to each of us about how we can improve our skills. His drills are diverse and engaging and I appreciate his supportive coaching style. Nobody is happier than Walt when one of us hits a great shot. Thank you Walt for helping me become a better player!

Neena Rahemtulla

As an intermediate player, Walt has been a great coach for my development. He is very patient and able to demonstrate techniques in an effective way to ensure learning. Walt ensures he always balances elements of theory, drills and practice games into every training session. He is enthusiastic about coaching and provides individual feedback and encouragement to students. I have had a few coaches in the past year and I have had the most success working with Walt. I would definitely recommend!

Kevin Bonin

A decent coach will competently teach a new student the basics- stroke mechanics, simple positioning, rules, tactics, strategy. A good coach will teach a student when and how and why. But great coaches remain students themselves. They never stop asking why. They stop learning. Walt Woo is that rare coach, who understands all of the above. But really, he understands that the journey and the questions are more valuable than the answers.

Chris Koentges, co-founder of Jericho Hill Pickleball School