Brewer’s Box

A storage box has been installed at Brewers Park on the south-east corner of the courts. It contains Pickleball nets available for anyone to use — so people can finally use Brewers Park without having to bring their own net.

There is a key for the storage box in a key-lockbox attached to the side of the storage box. Instructions are are printed on the storage box to tell you how to access it.

Essentially, you just need to send a special word (shown in the instructions on the box), with the starting score in Pickleball appended, to a phone number provided. By doing so, you will be sent a response text with the combination for the key lockbox. (The combination will be changed periodically).

The storage box with nets has been a big hit over at Pandora Park, and we’re hoping that the one at Brewers Park also sees a lot of use.

If you’re not familiar with Brewers Park, it is at 4175 Victoria Drive (but is easiest to access from Beatrice St., or Commercial St., just west of the intersection of Kingsway and Victoria Drive).