We Need Your Help

The VPA has ambitious plans to expand the number of playing sites (both indoors and out), acquire new court maintenance equipment, safety supplies, instructional signage, and sound barriers, as well as solicit funds and develop leagues, ladders and tournaments.

If we are going to do this, we need your help. 

If you are interested in committee work on any of these important initiatives please email me and I’ll put you in touch with the Chair of that Committee.

We have set up an Equipment and Facilities Committee under the lead of Bill Dorfmann. There are plans to buy more court maintenance equipment, storage boxes, portable nets (for sites that the VPB has promised) and to rent barrier fencing. You can be part of helping us plan and realize this.  More Pickleball Courts are coming in Vancouver but we will need to clean, paint, buy and set up equipment ourselves. Currently there is approximately 1 Tennis Court per 14,000 people but only 1 Pickleball Court per 70,000! Volunteers to help with this work when the courts become available would be greatly appreciated.

We would also like to set up a system of “Court Hosts” similar to what has been modeled by the Richmond Pickleball Association.  A Court Host, easily identified with a special bright t-shirt,  would be available at all the playing sites to welcome new players and explain the rules and protocols at that site. We will require many volunteers for this endeavor. Mona Lee is the Chair of the Court and Play Monitoring Committee.

The Facilities Procurement Committee provides organized contact with each Community Centre and every identified public or private facility or organization where we can obtain court time. Contact secretary@vancouverpickleball.ca if you are interested in being a liaison with a Community Centre Programmer or helping in general.

The Community Outreach Committee wants to engage underserved areas of our population.  This includes Youth, LGBTQ Group, First Nations, and the Economically Disadvantaged. The Chair of this Committee is Toney Casey.

Catalin Costea is the Chair of a Committee to develop Tournaments and Leagues. 

Praveen Varshney is the chair of the Committee for Fundraising and Corporate Outreach.  If you have a particular skill set in this area and want to help please contact me.

The final Committee is for Communications which includes our Facebook page, the Website and Playtime Scheduler. Bill Dorfmann is the Chair of this Committee.

If you think you can help with any of the committees mentioned, please send me an email.

Thank You,

Janet Martini, Secretary@vancouverpickleball.ca