Coaches Corner – August, 2021

Each month we will feature a bio and a teaching video from each of our coaches in the Vancouver area.

This month we are featuring …

Richard Lee

Richard Lee

Level Two Certified Pickleball Instructor (IPTPA)

Richard Lee has always have a love for racket sports. Richard grew up playing badminton and later on lots of tennis and squash as well.

Richard also loves to teach and has led group fitness classes for over 10 years. Since discovering Pickleball in 2015 he knew that it was the sport for him. Richard’s passion for Pickleball has led him to play competitively and to pursue coaching. Richard holds an IPTPA Level 2 certification and has been coaching for 3 years.

Having an analytical mind and a keen eye for body movement, Richard offers his participants guidance on appropriate mechanics and footwork to achieve positive outcomes.

As past president of the VPA and an ambassador for the sport, Richard continues to advocate the True Sport principle:

  • fairness,
  • excellence,
  • inclusion, and
  • fun

You’ll find Richard playing Pickleball as well as coaching at various venues around Vancouver. Richard is always up for a game, and his love for the Pickleball is evident whenever he plays. (He may also be the “best dressed” player on the court!)

Richard holds a diploma in Mechanical Technology, a Bachelor in Business Administration, and is still a full time realtor with 30 years of experience. Richard welcomes all your referrals!

To reach Richard about advice or to arrange for training, email him at