Coaches Corner – July, 2021

Each month we will feature a bio and a teaching video from each of our coaches in the Vancouver area.

This month we are featuring …

Anke Harpe

Anke Harpe

Level One Certified Pickleball Instructor (IPTPA)

Anke started playing Pickleball in the fall of 2015. As a former physical education teacher with a serious squash-playing background, Anke switched to Pickleball following a serious shoulder injury.

Through her passion for Pickleball, Anke got involved in volunteering at the Dunbar Community Centre.  Anke seems to know everybody, and loves helping beginners, organizing & keeping order, and keeping all the players engaged and happy. 

You’ve probably seen Anke at the community centre, or on the outdoor courts where she conducts outdoor drills & drop in sessions during the summer outdoor play.

Anke loves drilling, training, teaching – and simply being active both on and off the courts.

Some important and positive advice from Anke for Pickleball beginners:

  • DO take lessons immediately.
  • DO purchase a paddle & shoes after taking lessons. (And get some advice from a professional).
  • DO spend time (both on and off the courts):
    • Practicing,
    • Handling the ball,
    • Wall drills
  • DO watch Pickleball videos on YouTube
  • DO have fun always!

To reach Anke about advice or to arrange for some training, email her at or text/phone her at 604-787-6320

Anke has provided the following videos to illustrate some simple practice drills you can do at home to improve your Pickleball game:


Anke = well organized, patient coach.  She builds simple-complex drills customized to your needs.  Love how she makes drills into fun games!!   Anke is also one of the original pickleball advocates for our city and a wonderful ambassador!

– Karen, Vancouver BC

Anke’s depth of knowledge for training specific to the client, how to build skills at the right pace, and  how to promote development in the presence of limitations that I presented, and to avoid injuries…all  far exceeds the many others I have trained with here and away, due to Anke’s advanced experience as a coach as her career , all supported by her educational background.

Pleasant , organized and well paced experiences were mine to enjoy . 

I wish the same for you. anonymous

Anke is an excellent instructor!  She provides outstanding structure to every lesson, from warm ups to drills with fun mini-games along the way.  Anke is a very encouraging instructor who always makes me feel good while playing no matter how many mistakes I make.  She follows up after every lesson with a summary of what you did, going that extra mile.  I sought her out for individual instruction and am so glad that I did.  You will be in great hands with her!

– S. S., Vancouver BC

I was very fortunate to have been introduced to pickleball by Anke. She taught me all the ins and outs of the game and her enthusiasm got me hooked. She has such a positive energy that has helped make me not only love the game but to recognize that it is a social game and the priority is always to have fun! She is passionate about the game and that makes her an exceptional teacher and ambassador for the sport of Pickleball. 

Cathy Wolfman, Vancouver BC

Anke is truly an ambassador for the sport.  She has been dedicated to the development of pickleball (the sport) and pickleball (the community) for many years.  Not only is she willing to do whatever it takes for its betterment, she  is willing to play at the drop of a hat, whether it is group play, drills, one on one.

S, Vancouver, BC