Quiet-ish paddles please

Unfortunately, the most significant threat to our unfettered enjoyment of Pickleball is the noise of the game.

Seriously. Some localities have closed pickleball courts due to noise complaints from neighbours. And some have even mandated the use of foam balls which, although quieter, have significantly different characteristics than pickleballs — and really turn it into a completely different and less appealing game (which we should probably call “nerf ball”).

Nevertheless, a small minority of people who live near Pickleball courts are complaining about the noise from Pickleball and parks departments are listening. The problem is attributed to the sound of the balls against the paddles.

Nobody wants our game banned, curtailed or converted into “nerf ball” (which amounts to the same thing). So perhaps we can all help by avoiding noisy paddles. “Noisy paddles” you say? Yes. I encourage you to read the following list of “Green Zone” paddles from the Sun City Grand Community Association in Arizona, then consider using only a “Green Zone” paddle as described therein:

You can surely understand that some paddles are quieter than others. So please consider using a quiet-ish paddle if you can. You may want to search for more contemporary articles & lists that might direct you to a more quiet paddle (just try a web search for “quiet pickleball paddles”). Which just might help us all enjoy the game without restrictions.