Some of our members feel that Pickleball is under siege:

Neighbours adjacent to Pickleball courts dislike the noise from the game and the parking problems it sometimes causes in their neighbourhoods.

Tennis players resent the incursion of Pickleball into their traditional domain.

The VPA urges our members (and all Pickleball players in general) to be tolerant and respectful in the face of such complaints.

At the VPA we are determined to work TOGETHER with others to resolve problems TOGETHER rather than being adversarial. Please respect others and do the same.

Sometimes problems can be resolved easily. For instance, at Memorial Park West (Dunbar) on 31st Avenue, across from the courts, neighbours resent our players using the street parking. While sometimes the street parking is more convenient than using the crowded parking lot at the Dunbar Community Centre, it is a simple matter to respect the neighbours wishes by either using the Dunbar Community Centre lot, or the lot adjacent to the lawn bowling club instead. That seems like a better solution than being adversarial to the neighbours.

The VPA is also working to address the noise issues where neighbours have complained. On both 31st Ave. (across from Memorial Park West) and on 37th Ave. (near the QE Pickleball courts) we have gone door-to-door to discuss the neighbours’ concerns. And we have asked neighbours to work with us TOGETHER so that we are a united front when approaching the Parks Board and the city regarding Pickleball-related issues.

Please respect our neighbours.

Always view them as allies in our efforts to expand the playing options throughout the city, not as adversaries.