New Safety Fencing at Queen Elizabeth

We are pleased to announce that we’ve installed new safety fencing between the courts at the Queen Elizabeth Pickleball Centre!

We would like to thank our donors for helping to fund these fences. The new fencing has been rented by the Vancouver Pickleball Association – without any funding from the city or parks board (yet).

The initial feedback from our Pickleball community is quite positive. The new fences almost entirely eliminate the problem with balls underfoot while playing. They also make the QE PB Centre look tidy and professional. Games go more quickly because you aren’t chasing balls all the time – so we should get more play time and less waiting as a result. And now none of the courts feel “inferior”.

We ask that you do NOT hang things on the new safety fences for safety reasons.

As mentioned above, the city has not contributed anything towards this addition to our beloved Pickelball centre. But we will be working hard to get them to pay for this and other improvements going forward. Unfortunately things take time. [Other than graffiti removal however. Kudos to the city for quickly painting over the massive graffiti on the concrete wall which we found and reported to them on Sunday].We will also be seeking sponsorships to fund improvements at QE and at other Pickleball venues around Vancouver.

Click on the picture above to view a 360-degree picture of the QE Pickleball Centre