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·       Protective eyewear is strongly recommended. The sharp edges of the holes on a spinning pickleball can cause serious and potentially permanent eye damage.

·         Appropriate tennis or court shoes are required for safety and prevent scuffing of the court surface.

·         Don’t play on wet or slippery courts.

·         No running backwards/back pedaling, use the drop step and slide or drop step and run.

·         Avoid the “one up” “one back” alignment - to reduce the risk of collisions and lunge type falls. Play approximately in parallel with your partner to reduce the risk of collision.

·         Avoid collisions with your partner - call “me” or “you” on balls either of you could return.

·         Avoid lunging over-reaching and losing your balance.

·         Call “ball in” and stop play when a ball from another court comes on your court if your ball goes on another court, immediately warn those players.

·         If you find yourself running all over the court, stop, that isn’t how the game is played.

·         Reduce running around by learning to hit volleys, half-volleys and balls on the rise.

·         Ball barriers may be placed between courts to prevent balls rolling into other courts. Players are asked to be careful to avoid tripping over these barriers